Thursday, July 29, 2010

ooops, forgot one thing

My Celebration badge has arrived!  Weehee!

...and finally...

Rogue and Pablo think I should be playing with them instead of messing around on this computer.

More wildlife pictures

Butterfly in my back garden

Baby cardinal

An itty-bitty lizard

My rosebush after last night's storm

A tufted titmouse

Hurricane research

Our new office building is right next to the university's hurricane research center, which was featured on Mythbusters (geek moment!).  I can see the huge wind machines from my window.

Mythbusters' Adam Savage in front of the hurricane simulator.

New digs

We've moved into our new offices.  The building is nice, but we're pretty isolated out here.  Hopefully things will liven up when more people move into the building.

My as yet undecorated office

Updates... finally

Preparations have begun in earnest for this year's DragonCon.  I have almost all of my outfits picked out, and now I need to decide which of my hand-made costumes to enter in the Hallway Costume Contest.  It will probably be one of the two Princess Lily costumes.  I used Simplicity pattern 2573, which is based on Mia Sara's dress from the movie Legend.  I cropped my head out of these pictures because I had a cold the day they were taken, and I looked like death warmed up :)

Mia Sara in Legend