Monday, March 21, 2011


I FINALLY got to do some gardening over the weekend.  Here are a couple of before and after photos.

The back yard always looks awful, partly because it looks out on a
church parking lot.  It looks very raggedy here.  
I've added arrow bamboo and a couple of ligustrum.  The reed fencing
is a temporary measure until the plants fill out.  I'm planning on
adding some more "filler" plants soon.  Lowe's ran out of brown mulch,
so I had to use red for the back.   I was too lazy to mix it all together.

The front looks pretty rough, too.
Looking a little better now.  I'm planning on removing the sod
where the stepping stones are and making the whole area
into a planting bed.  I'm getting some repairs done on the house in
a couple of weeks, after which I'll paint the house yellow.
This ugly thing camouflages the garbage cans.  It looks pretty bad,
but it looks better than exposed garbage cans.
Much better.  Hopefully the Japanese magnolia will fill out and hide more
of the ugliness.
The azaleas are blooming!

The gardenias are getting ready to explode.
A tiny snake I spotted while I was puttering.  The dog didn't even see him.
She stepped right over him.  Some watch dog she is.
The "super" full moon on March 19.