Thursday, January 14, 2010

December 31

Dad and I walked around the local hotels this morning. They’re very fancy. One has a little pool with waterfalls, turtles, and penguins. Another has a pond which is home to a swan. He followed me as we walked along the edge of the pond. One hotel has a covered walkway with orchids trailing off the roof.

We spent the afternoon and evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We watched the IMAX film, “Coral Reef Adventure,” which I really enjoyed. I loved the music. We had dinner at a luau, then we watched a stage show called “Ha! The Breath of Life.” I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay, because I didn’t feel great, but I’m glad we did. The show was actually kind of touching, and the Samoan guys juggling the flaming batons were really talented. On the way home, we saw lots of people setting off fireworks. The aerial fireworks were very pretty against the mountains. By the time we got back to Honolulu, the air was grey and thick with smoke. I didn’t stay up until midnight, but Dad and Patty did. They said by midnight the smoke was so thick they couldn’t see past about ten feet.

Ponds at one of the local hotels

A brave guy retrieving a coconut at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center

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