Thursday, March 11, 2010

DragonCon 2009 - The Walk of Fame

The WOF is the official autograph room at DragonCon. We weren't supposed to take pictures of most of the actors, so I had to be sneaky. As a result of that and the low-light, these pictures didn't come out well. I'm seriously considering getting a new camera before DC 2010.

Yet another line... this one formed on Friday morning, just before the WOF opened.

Me and Peter Jurasik. I've wanted to meet him for years. It was worth the wait; he's a really nice guy.

Michael Trucco. His handler was kind enough to take these pictures. The first one is blurry, but I like it better because he's smiling.

Craig Parker. Very sweet, and very hot :)

Ben Browder

Jason Momoa spots me sneaking a picture.

Rachel Luttrell

Paul McGillion

Charisma Carpenter and Tom Felton

Peter Mayhew

Joe Flanigan

James Marsters

John Billingsley. Another really nice guy.

John Schneider

Alessandro Juliani

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